Junior Leadership

We have a number of oportunities for children across the school to work with the Senior Leadership Team and represent the pupil voice of children at Brookwood Primary School

School Council

Each class, from Reception to Year Six, is represented within our School Council. School Council meets each half term with Mrs Thomas to discuss how we can improve our school further.

School Council 2023-24

YR - Anna

Y1 - Ben A

Y2 - Maddie

Y3 - Charlie F

Y4 - Joe

Y5 - Saidou

Y6 - Konrad

House Captains

At the beginning of each school year, Year Six pupils have the opportunity to present to the whole school the reasons why they would be a great House Captain. The rest of the school body then vote within their houses and the two candidates with the highest number of votes become the Captain and Vice Captain for each house. Meetings are held each half term with Mrs Thomas.


When children join Brookwood Primary School, they are placed in a House Team, with siblings usually placed in the same team.

We have three teams:

Basingstoke (blue) 

Goldsworth (green)

Connaught (red)

House points are awarded both in class and around the school for effort, attitude and achievement. The children receive a coloured token for their house which are collected together in class. At the end of the week the House Captains collect the counters from the classes and place in the main containers near the school office. In-school competitions take place throughout the school year, including sports day, and the house cup is awarded at the end of each term to the team with the most points.

House Captains 2023-24

Basingstoke - Timofi

Goldsworth - Dan

Connaught - Arthur and Cohan

Well-being Champions

Our newly established Well-being Champions provides the opportunity for two members of each class to meet each half term with Miss Swan to discuss how we can improve well-being in school.

Y1 - Shay/Christian

Y2 - Holly/vacancy*

Y3 - Rea/Mark

Y4 - Molly/Zoe

Y5 - Noah/Isla

Y6 - Daniel/Nathan

*Nominations for new wellbeing champions will take place in January 2024, including YR.

Eco Committee

Another new leadership opportunity has been created through our Eco Committee with representatives from each class meeting with Mrs Blandamer each half term. They have been working hard this year in working towards their Green Flag award.

YR - vacancy*

Y1 - vacancy*

Y2 - Sam T

Y3 - Tabby

Y4 - Aariya

Y5 - Isaac

Y6 - Cohan

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