Service Children

Service Children

Service Children's Champion - Amy Swan

At Brookwood Primary School we are very proud of our links with ATC Pirbright. We work hard to support transition, both in and out of school,  to ensure that children feel settled, safe and happy as soon as possible so they can begin their learning journey with us and be fully integrated in our school community. 

Military Club

In collaboration with the Army Welfare Service, we are able to provide a weekly after-school club for Service Children with members of the Army Welfare Service Team who understand their unique position in school.

Service Children and SEND

For those Service families where a child has SEND, Service personnel are encouraged to register additional needs and/or a disability with the Army to allow those that manage the soldiers assignments to be aware of any family circumstances.  

Please follow the link to the Military policy and support on the AFF additional needs page for further information.

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