Performance data

How we assess the progress and attainment of your children

We regularly gather information about how your child is accessing their learning and making progress against the curriculum objectives. This information enables the class teacher to adapt planning or provide extra support, or challenge, in a particular area.

Information is gathered through:

  •            Day to day through questioning, observing and marking
  •            Termly tests in Reading, Writing and Maths
  •            EYFS Baseline (Year Reception), Phonics Screening Check (PSC Year 1), Multiplication Tables Checks (MTCs               Year 4) and National Standardised Tests at the end of the Key Stage 2 (SATs)

Key Stage 2 School and National data 2023/24

Attainment (average scaled scores): Children’s results are reported using a scaled score. A scaled score of 100 represents the expected standard for each test. A child achieving a scaled score of 100 or more means they are working at or above the expected standard in the subject. Less than 100 means that they may need more support to reach the expected standard. The highest scaled score possible at KS2 is 120, and the lowest is 80.

2023/24 BPS National
  Expected standard Higher standard (Greater Depth) Expected standard Higher Standard (Greater Depth)
Combined 73% 7% 61% 8%
Reading 80% 40% 74% 28%
Writing 80% 20% 72% 13%
Maths 73% 20% 73% 24%
SPaG 80% 47% 72% 32%

Year 4 Multiplication Check 23/24

The Year 4 multiplication check involves children sitting an assessment on their x2 to x12 times tables. There are 25 questions in the assessment with 6 seconds to answer each one. The aim of this assessment is to improve mathematical fluency and prepare children for the Y5/Y6 curriculum. 

2023/24 BPS National
Mean score 23 TBC
Full marks 65% TBC
Scored over 20 81% N/A

 Year 1 Phonics 23/24

79% of pupils passed the phonics screening test this year.

79% of pupils nationally passed the phonics screening test last year (22/23). The National score for 23/24 is not yet published.


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